Conference Notes

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With this app teachers now have a way to:
  • If desired, use standards-based grading rubric
  • Maintain a class roster for multiple classes
  • Assign students to groups based on common goals and strengths
  • Enter a list of skills for multiple content areas
  • Build a hierarchy of skills up to five levels
  • Record observations as students (individually or in groups) demonstrate skills
  • Keep anecdotal notes for students and groups
  • Create reports by student or by group
  • Print reports on an Airprint-enabled printer, send as email or as a pdf attachment to an email
  • Share content area and skills with other team members

    Please notice - the Conference Notes app is not delivered with any Skills within the Content Areas.
    The Skills used as examples are not included with this app.

    The following content area skills lists are available on request:
  • Early Emergent Reader Assessment
  • Emergent Reader Assessment
  • Transitional Reader Assessment
  • K-1 Phonics
  • Math - Kindergarten Assessment for Texas TEKS
  • Writing - Kindergarten Assessment For Texas TEKS
  • Math - First Grade Assessment For Texas TEKS
  • Writing - First Grade Assessment For Texas TEKS

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